Where To Find Our London Microsuction Service

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Where To Find Our London Microsuction Service 

Audiologist Jason Levy leads his team of Audiologists and specially trained medical nurses at ten centres in central London, Greater London and the Home Counties, and if you read on, you will discover where to find our London Microsuction service.

To make it easy for you to contact the clinics to make an appointment the contact details are listed in the map below. 

Jason's team are experts at clearing a blocked ear and in order to clear blocked ears, primarily to clear ear wax, they use the latest technology which is quick, efficient and pain free.  In some cases their patients have reported that their hearing has returned to normal, in all cases their hearing is greatly improved.

Painless and Safe method to clear ear wax

Using a kind of microscope that is designed for the ear, the specialist will be able to see in order to locate and clear ear wax.  The Micro Suction Practitioner uses either a pair of portable microscopes known as “loupes” or an operating microscope and a bright light to see into your ear canal deep into the ear as far as the eardrum. This way, he or she can see exactly what they are doing inside your ear. The suction wands used to remove the wax from it's exact location are sterile, so the risk of infection is virtually nil. For these reasons, microsuction is considered the safest method of removing wax from the ear.

Because our clinics only use the latest technology and equipment, CE-certified medical suction pump for clearing ear wax, we know that the method is safe and painless.  We recommend that you use Earol sterile olive oil spray, or a few drops of olive oil in either ear for a few days before your appointment and clearing a blocked ear will be effective, quick and painless.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our london ear wax removal clinics.

Here's What People Say About Us

Bliss - I can hear again!!

microsuction clinic in pinner - looking for where to get ear wax removal in pinner?

I can highly and thoroughly recommend this service to anyone suffering with blocked ears caused by excess wax. I had an appointment with Jason who is very professional and personable and instantly put me at ease. After the routine medical questions he explained exactly how the procedure is performed and all the equipment that would be used. Then the procedure – it was not long at all probably 10-15 minutes and at no point did I feel any pain or discomfort and Jason constantly kept me up to date with what he was doing – he removed an incredible amount of wax from my ears and I felt like a new man when I left with perfect hearing again – I realised in hindsight it felt like I had been underwater for a year and a half and suddenly broken back above the surface. If you have blocked ears – get this procedure done! I will not hesitate in the future

Jamie B

Excellent and efficient!

Micro suction Ear Wax Removal Clinic inside In Cootes Pharmacy

After being told I’d need to wait six weeks for a hospital appointment I found this service online. I saw Jason at the London Ear Wax Removal Clinic the same day. He was extremely helpful and clearly explained how the process worked. It took no time at all to painlessly remove all wax from both my ears and restore the hearing in my left ear that I’d lost a week earlier. A great and highly efficient service that I’d thoroughly recommend to anyone with similar problems.

Mike G (High Barnet)

Review Of Microsuction Clinic In London

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal In London At Berkeley Court Pharmacy Marylebone London NW1 Just A One Minute Walk Brom Baker Street Station

I was very happy with the service I will recommend to a friends who needs to check his ears… the lady was very good and very nice, gentle and very professional.. thank you very much…
Thierry Viard

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