what dissolves ear wax fast

What Dissolves Ear Wax Fast?

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Earwax Dissolving Drops - Heroes and Villains

So, which are the ear wax dissolving heroes and villains? Which are the gentle giants of quickly dissolving ear wax, and which are the aggressive marauders that can do more harm than good? Some of the stronger earwax dissolving drops can change the protective layer of the ear canal and put you at risk of an opportunistic skin infection, while some aggressive formulae can cause an extreme sensitivity reaction that is very painful and looks like an agonizing sun burn, complete with peeling skin. Read on for our league table of the best and the worst as we answer the question, "What dissolves ear wax fast?"

What Dissolves Ear Wax Fast - The Best & The Worst

What Dissolves Ear Wax Fast - The Worst

Some of the following drops and sprays might seem like familiar household names, so why would they be on our list of worst drops for dissolving ear wax fast? Read on and you may be surprised...

  • Antibiotic drops & sprays eg. Sofradex®, Otomize® & Ear Calm
    Sofradex® drops and Otomize® spray are the two most common medicines prescribed to treat otitis externa, the medical name for an infection of the outer ear, which includes everything up to and including the ear drum. They contain a combination of skin steroid to reduce swelling and itching, an antibacterial to stop the growth of bacteria, and an antibiotic to kill bacteria. These, as well as other generic ear medications, can only be obtained from a pharmacy on prescription, and are specifically designed to treat ear infections, so while they are great for treating infected ears, they don't do anything to dissolve ear wax.
  • Hydroxen peroxide ear drops, including Otex® , Earex® Advance, Exterol, Cl-Ear Express etc.
    These profess to dissolve and break up ear wax, but although they dissolve ear wax faster than saline, the peroxide they contain can cause painful, severe sensitivity reactions that look like sun burn when viewed using an ENT microscope. Also, like all ear drops, the method of application requires you to put your head on a side, so the ear canal then acts like a funnel, directing softened ear wax onto the eardrum. The peroxide can also bleach the ear wax, making it difficult for even the most experienced professional to distinguish between white ear wax and the ear canal walls, even under an ENT microscope.
  • Non-sterile cooking oil: refined olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, extra virgin coconut oil, vegetable oil
    Traditionally, it used to be recommended to warm up some olive oil and drop it into the ear using a spoon or pipette. However, some people have gone so far as to heat olive oil to its boiling point and drop the boiling oil into their ear - NOT to be recommended! If you want to dissolve ear wax fast, olive oil isn't the solution you are looking for. Yes, it will dissolve ear wax, but slowly and gently. Extra virgin olive oil - good for your cholesterol, so good for your ears? No! Extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and hasn't been pasteurised or processed using solvents. This preserves all the delicate plant ingredients that are so good for our health, but also leaves in small amounts of plant matter. Once opened, the bottle can become a home for yeast and bacteria floating in the air. This is not a problem when we cook with it or put it on our salad, as our stomach acid kills mould spores and bacteria. However, non-sterile olive oil from your kitchen should be kept for your cooking and not put in your ears, as any professional who has seen a fermenting ear will tell you.
  • Olive oil ear drops eg. Cerumol® olive oil, Otex® olive oil
    Sterile, pharmacy-grade olive oil ear drops will safely and gently soften ear wax. Being sterile and highly refined, olive oil ear drops are very safe, but certainly won't dissolve your ear wax fast. They also have the same problem as any ear drops: you have to put your head on a side for the drops to go into the ear, which funnels any softened ear wax deeper into your ear, potentially making your hearing worse as the ear wax slides down the ear canal as it gets narrower and narrower.

So, those are the worst at dissolving ear wax fast, which are the best products for dissolving ear wax fast? Read on to find out...