what dissolves ear wax fast

What Dissolves Ear Wax Fast?

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What Dissolves Ear Wax Fast - The Best

Finally, we arrive at the winners of this category. Some work faster than others, but can have some unwanted side effects. Here we bring you everything you need to know to decide "What dissolves ear wax fast?"

  • Sterile saline ear drops
    Surprisingly, sterile saline ear drops work quite well at dissolving ear wax, with very little in the way of side effects, save for having to put your head on a side for the drops to go into your ear. The ear canal then funnels any softened wax further into the ear canal, which becomes narrower and narrower, and the softened ear wax can come to rest on the ear drum.
  • Sodium bicarbonate ear drops
    Sodium bicarbonate (also known as bicarbonate of soda) ear drops work by creating a chemical reaction with the ear wax: the alkaline bicarbonate drops react with acidic ear wax to produce salt plus water. Sodium bicarbonate should only be used for two to three days prior to an earwax removal procedure, as long term use can alkalise the ear canal surface and put you at risk of an opportunistic skin infection in your ear. For this reason, we don't generally recommend sodium bicarbonate ear drops. They also have the same problem of all ear drops, that softened ear wax can go further into the ear canal and worsen the blockage.
  • Cerumol® ear drops
    The original Cerumol® ear drops are a mixture of arachis (peanut) oil and other ingredients. It has a very medicated smell, which you may or may not like, but it is very good at dissolving ear wax fast. The main downside, like all ear drops, is that the blockage may worse and softened earwax can be pulled deeper into your ear by gravity as you have to put your head on a side to get the drops in. You should also not use products containing peanut oil if you have a peanut allergy.
  • Sterile saline ear spray
    You can buy proprietary saline ear sprays that work in the same manner as saline ear drops, except with the significant benefit that instead of putting your head on a side for the ear drops to go into your ear, you keep your head upright and the saline is sprayed into your ear. The natural downward slope of the ear canal then encourages softened ear wax to come out of the ear.

Those were some of the best, but what are our top three products for dissolving ear wax fast?