what dissolves ear wax fast

What Dissolves Ear Wax Fast?

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What Dissolves Ear Wax Fast - Our Top Three

We've seen some really great contenders for the crown, but now here are our top three:

  • Glycerine ear drops
    These can be difficult to find, but you can use ordinary glycerine with an ear dropper bottle if you are unable to get glycerine ear drops. Glycerine acts as a humectant and is very good at softening hard ear wax. Glycerine has natural antibacterial properties. Use should be discontinued if irritation occurs.
  • Earol® Olive Oil Spray
    Earol® contains pharmacy-grade highly-refined sterile olive oil in a sealed spray unit. It overcomes the problems of the slow action and funnel effect associated with olive oil ear drops by spraying the olive oil into the ear canal with the head upright. The spray breaks up the olive oil into tiny droplets which penetrate into the ear wax more effectively, speeding up the softening process and getting into every nook and cranny of the ear canal. By applying Earol® with the head upright, the natural downward slope of the ear canal encourages ear wax to come out naturally.
  • Waxsol® ear drops
    Waxsol® is excellent for softening impacted ear wax. The active ingredient in Waxsol® ear drops is docusate sodium, the same ingredient used in some stool softeners. It works in a similar manner to glycerine by drawing water into the ear wax and softening it that way. It should be applied at night for two nights prior to an ear wax removal procedure. Docusate can rarely cause skin irritation, so discontinue use if it irritates your ear.

Professional Ear Wax Removal

Now that you have read all you need to know about how to dissolve ear wax fast, you may be thinking that there is so much choice, you just want to get your ear wax removed professionally. With over 30 clinics in London, The Home Counties, East Anglia and The Midlands, you're in the right place.

Before a procedure, we recommend the following regime: 2 days of glycerine ear drops - 3 drops in each ear twice a day, followed by 3 days of Earol spray, 3 squirts in each ear 3 times a day. If you have impacted ear wax, we would recommend the addition of Waxsol at night for two nights prior to your procedure. The softening regime can cause ear wax to shift and appear to unblock, but we would still recommend a professional ear wax removal procedure afterwards, as otherwise the softened ear wax can shift and then re-solidify, making it even more difficult to remove.

To book ear wax removal at a clinic near you, you can call us on 0800 1 337 987 or save £10 and book online by going to our booking page here, or by clicking the button below.