ear irrigation syringe home remedy not recommended

Can You Remove Impacted Ear Wax At Home?

The alternative is to scoop out the ear wax, and you can find all kinds of arcane instruments online that promise to hook, scoop or draw out your ear wax. You can even find soft silicone corkscrew-like devices advertised on social media (no, they don't work - and yes, they ARE too good to be true). The problem with any of these instruments is that if you can't see inside your own ear, and if you don't have professional training, you can do some serious damage to your own ear. You might push the wax even further into your ear, or worse yet - damage your eardrum.

There is yet another alternative, which we don't recommend either, and that is one of the endoscopic earwax removal cameras you can get online. Endoscopic earwax removal takes a highly-trained Audiologist hours of supervised teaching to learn, and then months of practice to become good at it. Most Audiologists would rather use an ENT microscope rather than an endoscope when removing earwax as the 3D view provided by an ENT microscope affords a greater degree of safety compared to the 2D view given by an endoscope. Doctor Cliff, one of our esteemed colleagues, gives a great explanation in this youtube video:

If none of the previously mentioned methods are recommended, what then is the best way to remove impacted ear wax?