How Do You Clear A Blocked Ear?


Microsuction is considered the safest method to clear a blocked ear. A BBC medical program recommends microsuction as "a very safe and effective way to removing persistent blockages." (Trust Me, I'm A Doctor, Series 3 Episode 1)

During microsuction our clinicians use either a fixed or portable ENT microscope to view the ear canal and eardrum in 3D, and a tiny suction device to safely and gently remove ear wax.

Some websites say there's no need to pre-soften ear wax before a procedure, but clinical research shows that pre-softening ear wax reduces the chances of discomfort or dizziness.

We are also aware of some clinics that use loupes that are not designed for use with the narrow opening of the ear canal, meaning the practitioner will lose depth perception beyond the outer third of the ear canal, drastically reducing the safety of the procedure.

Manual Instruments

In some cases, possibly due to noise sensitivity or in an emergency when there has been insufficient time to correctly soften the ear wax, our clinicians may use manual instruments that have been designed by ENT surgeons to gently remove ear wax. Where possible, we recommend microsuction as in most cases it is more comfortable and slightly safer than using manual instruments.

Get Blocked Ears Cleared Professionally

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