How Do You Clear A Blocked Ear?

How Do You Clear A Blocked Ear? Having a blocked ear can be one of the most frustrating things you experience in your life. It can be itchy, painful, make you feel disoriented or dizzy, and cause hearing loss and tinnitus. People say you should use olive oil drops and just keep using them until … Read more

Coping With Ear Wax During The Coronavirus Lockdown

coronavirus lockdown microsuction ear wax removal

How to cope with ear wax during the CoVid-19 Lockdown We found this Wireless Video Otoscope on Amazon. There are a number of video otoscopes available on Amazon, but many of them have a wide tip (over 5mm), connect using a wire, which tends to get in the way, and are difficult to orient, so … Read more

Where To Find Our London Microsuction Service

Where To Find Our London Microsuction Service  Audiologist Jason Levy leads his team of Audiologists and specially trained medical nurses at ten centres in central London, Greater London and the Home Counties, and if you read on, you will discover where to find our London Microsuction service. To make it easy for you to contact the … Read more

Instant Wax Removal Service For Blocked Ears

Instant Wax Removal Service For Blocked Ears Our experienced staff offer an instant wax removal service for blocked ears at five of our practices in the London area Check Locations.   Our special equipment enables us to see right into your ear as far as your eardrum via your ear canals and to determine exactly … Read more

Walk In Ear Syringing London Things You Should Know

Private Earwax Removal in London using microsuction, the safest method of removing earwax

Walk In Ear Syringing London Here, at the Microsuction Earwax Removal Centre in London, we have five centres that you can choose from  where you can find ear wax removal in London. Our Professional Audiologists and senior specialist nursing staff are at hand to provide the best care when you need it the most. Symptoms That … Read more

Where To Get Microsuction London For Less Than You Think

Where To Get Microsuction London For Less Than You Think You are living in London or surrounding areas.  Suddenly you have a painful blocked ear and you just don’t know what to do.  You have taken over the counter medication, maybe even poked around in your ear with a baby bud (not good) but still … Read more