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We Do Impacted Ear Wax Removal At Our Six Clinics

We Do Impacted Ear Wax Removal At Our Six Clinics We do impacted ear wax removal at our six clinics in London and Hertfordshire.  This process is performed by one of our highly trained Audiologists or our specially trained Medical Nurses using a process called Microsuction. Where You Can Find Us Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal Clinic in Baker Street, Central London NW1 Ear Wax Removal Clinic Ealing Microsuction West London W13 Micro Suction Ear…

Our Private Ear Syringing London Uses The Latest Technology

Our Private Ear Syringing London Uses The Latest Technology When patients come to one of our five London clinics for our private ear syringing London and they have been examined, we determine the best way to clear ear wax using the latest technology for painless and speedy remedies to blocked ears. Past Methods of removing wax blockage In the past, many private ear syringing London clinics have used a meal ear syringe which was loaded with…

Five Centres For Speedy Effective Ear Microsuction London

Five Centres For Speedy Effective Ear Microsuction London Our group of five centres for speedy effective ear microsuction London engages excellent well trained Audiologists and Medical Nurses ensuring that we clear blocked ears and improve hearing loss without any side effects. Hearing Loss Improvements With Microsuction We use the latest technology and advances in techniques used by our professionals to examine your ear canals, identifying the location and degree of wax build up.  We do…

Private Earwax Removal in London NW1

Private Earwax Removal in London NW1

Private Earwax Removal in London NW1

Private Earwax Removal in London NW1

Our microsuction clinic in Marylebone offers private earwax removal in London NW1 as well as the whole of Central London. We use microsuction to remove ear wax, as this is the safest method of private earwax removal. As an alternative to microsuction, we can offer dry instrument removal to clients who have an extreme sensitivity to loud noise on a case by case basis, depending on the position of the earwax.

If you are looking for other microsuction clinic locations in London, please go to this page.

Convenient Location

Our private earwax removal clinic is conveniently located just a short walk from Baker Street station and is on the ground floor.

Our private Micro Suction Ear wax Removal Clinic can be found in:

Berkeley Court Pharmacy
5 – 7 Melcombe St

Private Earwax Removal in London Appointments

If you have a wax blockage and want to get rid of your earwax, head over to our booking page and we’ll book you a private ear wax removal appointment.

Private Earwax Removal every Saturday in Marylebone, Central London

Private Earwax Removal in London using microsuction, the safest method of removing earwax

Private Earwax Removal every Saturday in London

We know that it can be difficult to get time off work during the week for an earwax removal clinic appointment. That’s why we hold a clinic every Saturday from 10am until 4pm at our earwax removal clinic that you can find on Melcombe Street, between Baker Street and Marylebone stations.


There is on street pay by phone parking on Melcombe Street. There is also permit holder only parking, so please double check you are in the right parking bay before leaving your vehicle. The cost of parking is £2.40 / hour. Melcombe Street is outside the congestion charge zone. If you cannot find on street parking, there is an underground car park on the opposite side of the block adjoining Marylebone Road. You can find details of the nearest underground car park here (parking here costs £5 per hour when booked in advance, or £10 all day on a Saturday).

Book A Private Earwax Removal Appointment Today!

book your private earwax removal appointment in Central London online, and say goodbye to ear wax!

Private Earwax Removal Locations

Our private ear wax removal clinic in London also serves clients in Marylebone, Baker Street, Edgware Road, Paddington, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Picadilly Circus, Charing Cross, Westminster, Embankment, Maida Vale, Finchley Road, Kentish Town, Lancaster Gate, Green Park, Queensway, Notting Hill, Holland Park, Royal Oak, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Marble Arch, Green Park, Oxford Circus, Goodge Street, Wareen Street, Euston, Euston Square, Kings Cross, St Pancras, Regents Park, Great Portland Street, Bond Street, Swiss Cottage, Chalk Farm, Tottenham Court Road, Waterloo, St James Park, Lancaster Gate, Bayswater, Westbourne Park, Kilburn, Belsize Park, Hampstead, Angel and Camden Town.

Central London Private Earwax Removal Prices

One or BothPrice
One ear (or wax too impacted / no wax)**£55*
Both ears (or wax too impacted / no wax)**£75*
Upgrade from one to both ears£25

**Consultation only (no wax present / wax too impacted) If no wax present, will include audiogram and/or ear care advice. If you're not sure both ears are blocked, choose one ear and we will check for you and if both are blocked we will clear both, time permitting and just charge the upgrade fee (excluding out of hours)

Out of hours microsuction appointment Thursday 5.30pm-7.00pm Saturday 10am-4.00pm (one or both ears / no wax present / wax too impacted)

* Prices shown include a £5 discount for micro suction appointments booked online. Appointments booked by telephone are £5 more than the prices shown. 36 hours notice required for alterations and cancellations. Thank you.

Find your nearest private earwax removal clinic:

Endoscopic Ear Wax Microsuction

Endoscopic Ear Wax Microsuction

Endoscopic Ear Wax Microsuction


The Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network are the first clinics in London to be able to offer endoscopic ear wax microsuction and private endoscopic ear wax removal using instruments by request at selected locations.

Endoscopic microsuction has been shown to be more comfortable than microsuction using an operating microscope or surgical loupes, and is particularly suitable for clients with narrow ear canals.

Private endoscopic ear wax removal using instruments is particularly suitable for clients with severe tinnitus and/or noise sensitivity, where microsuction may not be appropriate due to the noise levels. The instruments used are the St Barts wax hook, the Jobson Horne probe, and crocodile forceps (due to the high cost of the crocodile forceps, an additional charge of £10 is applied if its use is required).

Where there is a foreign object in the ear canal, it may also be necessary to use instrumentation, especially the crocodile forceps.

How Can I Book An Endoscopic Ear Wax Microsuction Appointment?

Cllick on the “Book Now” button below, or click on the link to the booking page.


Endoscopic Microsuction Demonstrated By Mr J Levy of the Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network. The Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network are the first London clinics to offer endoscopic microsuction. In a 2010 Health Technology Assessment, Endoscopic wax removal was shown to be superior to Microscopic wax removal. For endoscopic wax removal and endoscopic microsuction, book your appointment on <span class=

A 2010 Health Technology Assessment by AJ Clegg et. al. concluded that endoscopic ear wax removal is superior to microscopic wax removal – microscopic wax removal uses an operating microscope or surgical loupes to get a magnified view of the ear canal and ear drum – a speculum (small funnel) must be inserted into the ear canal in order to provide a view, and the speculum takes up some of the space within the ear canal, further restricting the practitioner’s view. Furthermore, the speculum can sometimes cause minor trauma to the skin of the ear canal if the ear canal is very narrow.

In contrast, endoscopic ear wax removal uses a fine 2.8mm endoscope inserted part way into the ear canal. The endoscope is a rod containing fibre optics to relay light from a light source to illuminate the canal and a solid lens (or series of lenses) to relay the view from inside the canal to the outside. The endoscope can be either viewed directly, or imaging equipment (such as what you see below) can be attached to provide better magnification.

If you’re in London, you can find out where you can get private ear wax removal by heading to our page on Private Ear Wax Removal In London.

For other locations, we list our private ear wax removal clinics here.

Jason Levy demonstrates endoscopic microsuction technique. One advantage of endoscopic microsuction is that it gives a much wider view of the ear canal and ear drum compared to using an operating microscope or surgical loupes.

Jason Levy Demonstrates Endoscopic Microsuction Technique

If you have an ear wax blockage, and would like to book an appointment for endoscopic ear wax removal, please call our booking office on 0800 1 337 987.

Microsuction in London NW1, N2, NW7, NW11, W13, HA5 and IG10 From £50

Microsuction in London NW1, N2, NW7, NW11, W13, HA5 and IG10 From £50

Microsuction in London NW1, N2, NW7, NW11, W13, HA5 and IG10 From £50 The Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network are proud to announce our four Microsuction London locations. If you are looking for microsuction in London, we can offer the following: Microsuction Central London From £50 In Central London, we have our microsuction ear wax removal clinic in Baker Street, London NW1  covering Harley Street, Marylebone, Fitzrovia, Lisson Grove, Paddington, Bayswater, Holland Park, Notting Hill, Olympia, Shepherds Bush, Earls Court,…