Endoscopic Ear Wax Microsuction

Endoscopic Ear Wax Microsuction


The Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network are the first clinics in London to be able to offer endoscopic ear wax microsuction and private endoscopic ear wax removal using instruments by request at selected locations.

Endoscopic microsuction has been shown to be more comfortable than microsuction using an operating microscope or surgical loupes, and is particularly suitable for clients with narrow ear canals.

Private endoscopic ear wax removal using instruments is particularly suitable for clients with severe tinnitus and/or noise sensitivity, where microsuction may not be appropriate due to the noise levels. The instruments used are the St Barts wax hook, the Jobson Horne probe, and crocodile forceps (due to the high cost of the crocodile forceps, an additional charge of £10 is applied if its use is required).

Where there is a foreign object in the ear canal, it may also be necessary to use instrumentation, especially the crocodile forceps.

How Can I Book An Endoscopic Ear Wax Microsuction Appointment?

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Endoscopic Microsuction Demonstrated By Mr J Levy of the Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network. The Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network are the first London clinics to offer endoscopic microsuction. In a 2010 Health Technology Assessment, Endoscopic wax removal was shown to be superior to Microscopic wax removal. For endoscopic wax removal and endoscopic microsuction, book your appointment on <span class=

A 2010 Health Technology Assessment by AJ Clegg et. al. concluded that endoscopic ear wax removal is superior to microscopic wax removal - microscopic wax removal uses an operating microscope or surgical loupes to get a magnified view of the ear canal and ear drum - a speculum (small funnel) must be inserted into the ear canal in order to provide a view, and the speculum takes up some of the space within the ear canal, further restricting the practitioner's view. Furthermore, the speculum can sometimes cause minor trauma to the skin of the ear canal if the ear canal is very narrow.

In contrast, endoscopic ear wax removal uses a fine 2.8mm endoscope inserted part way into the ear canal. The endoscope is a rod containing fibre optics to relay light from a light source to illuminate the canal and a solid lens (or series of lenses) to relay the view from inside the canal to the outside. The endoscope can be either viewed directly, or imaging equipment (such as what you see below) can be attached to provide better magnification.

If you're in London, you can find out where you can get private ear wax removal by heading to our page on Private Ear Wax Removal In London.

For other locations, we list our private ear wax removal clinics here.

Jason Levy demonstrates endoscopic microsuction technique. One advantage of endoscopic microsuction is that it gives a much wider view of the ear canal and ear drum compared to using an operating microscope or surgical loupes.
Jason Levy Demonstrates Endoscopic Microsuction Technique

If you have an ear wax blockage, and would like to book an appointment for endoscopic ear wax removal, please call our booking office on 0800 1 337 987.

Saturday Earwax Removal Clinic In London - New Service Announcement

Saturday Earwax Removal Clinic

At The Microsuction EarWax Removal Network, we are excited to announce that we will be adding a Saturday earwax removal clinic at our Baker Street branch from 16th April 2016. Joining us will be Raspal Kaur, an experienced Audiologist who was trained in microsuction at Rotherham Primary Ear Care Centre.

If you need ear wax removed at the weekend, you can book an appointment on 0800 1 337 987

Weekend Earwax Removal Clinic Price

The cost of a Saturday earwax removal appointment will be £80 for one or two ears, which is still great value compared to other clinics in Central London.

We decided to extend our microsuction earwax removal clinic to Saturdays, as many people have enquired with us about weekend earwax removal appointments as they work Monday to Friday. This is because they are unable to attend an ear wax removal clinic during the week. The addition of a weekend ear wax removal clinic is a service that we are delighted to offer those who live or work in London.

Saturday Earwax Removal Clinic London Location

Our earwax removal clinic is within Berkeley Court Pharmacy on Melcombe Street. If you don't know the Baker Street area that well, Melcombe Street is just off Baker Street, between Baker Street and Marylebone London Underground stations. It's about a one minute walk from Baker Street Underground station, or four minutes by foot from Marylebone station. 

We strongly recommend that to increase the probability that we'll be able to remove all the wax, and so the procedure will be a more pleaasant experience, you ought to use Earol two times a day in both ears for two or more days prior to your appointment (if possible). You should be able to buy Earol for approximately £5 from any good pharmacy.

Please note that we don't recommend the use of Otex, as this contains peroxide, which can cause irritation of the ear canal, and as a result the microsuction procedure may be less comfortable for you. 

You can find more information about our Central London earwax removal clinic here. That page has more information, like how you can get there, as well as the address, contact details, nearest underground stations and where you can park.

Ear Candling - Effective Panacea or Dangerous Gimmick?

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Ear Candling or MicroSuction?

Many people choose ear candling (also known as "thermo-auricular therapy") as they are told it is a safe, relaxing and effective way of removing ear wax from the ear canal. With treatment prices typically around £30 for an hour, it seems very good value compared to aural micro suction, which may cost up to £85 for half an hour. With such a difference in price, who in their right mind would choose micro suction over ear candling? Read on, however, and the answer may surprise you...

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