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Ear Wax Removal Is Back (and how to book microsuction online)

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Ear Wax Removal Is Back

We are glad to be back and we're ready to help. It has been a long process, from the sourcing of personal protective equipment (PPE), to the updating of our appointment timings and booking process.

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How We Protect You

Throughout every stage of the process, from making the booking right until the end of your appointment, we have implemented procedures that are designed to safeguard your health every step of the way.

Before being able to book, you will need to fill out a triage form that has been designed to make sure that anyone attending an appointment has no symptoms of Covid-19, and does not have a perforated ear drum. Because everybody has to do this, it means that our staff, our patients, but most importantly you will be protected.

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Wearing masks

We are also aware that people who have no symptoms of Covid-19 can be carriers, so everybody who attends an appointment will have to use a non-toxic hand sanitizer and wear a fluid-resistant Type iiR surgical mask on arrival. Our staff will also be wearing a mask, in addition to a disposable apron and disposable gloves. This has been determined by ENT UK and the Infection Prevention Society to be sufficient to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, when the patient does not have a perforated ear drum. Unfortunately, this does mean that those patients with a perforated ear drum will probably have to wait until there is a vaccine for Covid-19, or until we receive different guidance.

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Cleanliness is next to godliness

In between each appointment, we will sanitize surfaces in the treatment room, doff (take off) our used PPE and don (put on) fresh PPE. This is to ensure that the room is safe for you and all of our patients.

No sharing pens or clipboards (or phones or tablets)

Before you attend your appointment, you will need to fill in a consent form online. We used to do this during the appointment, but for your protection it is far safer to avoid sharing mobile phones and tablet computers. Your consent form is protected by several layers of security, and the data is encrypted using 256-bit AES (military grade) encryption. You will receive a link to the consent form in your confirmation and reminder emails after you book online.

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A New Way Of Booking

In order to incorporate the newly required triage form and the consent form into the booking process, as well as to provide an even greater level of security, we have completely revamped our booking system. This has been a three year process, but we are sure you will agree that it is worth it. It has been designed to make the whole booking process as seamless and as easy as possible. You simply enter your postcode and click "Find Appointments" and in about 5 seconds a list of all clinic locations and dates and times will be displayed. You can change the maximum distance and the furthest day ahead at the top of the table. Simply choose a date and location and click on the time that you would like to book. The price is displayed below the time. Check that you have selected the right place, date and time and then click "Book Now". You will then be taken to the checkout, where you can enter your details, your credit card, and any discount code (new customers can use the code 5offnew to get a £5 discount off their first booking - it's a new system, so even existing customers count as new customers!). Due to the new infection prevention procedures, our time spent per patient is at least fifty percent greater than before, and the price of PPE has risen sharply since the arrival of Covid-19, so our prices have risen accordingly. We hope the discount code will help a little.

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How To Book Your Microsuction Appointment Online

The Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network is a brand of First Health Ltd, and our sister brand, Hearing First, is providing the infrastructure for the new booking system. You will start by filling in a triage form, and assuming you fulfill the necessary criteria you will then be taken to the booking page. It is currently part of our professional regulations that everybody has to fill in a triage form as part of the booking process, so we can only take online bookings at this present time. The good news is that you can see all of our appointments on the page. If the time you want is not shown, you could try waiting a few hours or perhaps try again the next day in case anybody cancels their appointment.

Please read the instructions at the top of the triage form, as it explains that you will need to bring a mobile phone with you, as we will be calling people in to the clinic one at a time. This is to prevent patients sitting together for a long time or crossing paths. We would respectfully ask you to wait outside the location until we call you on your phone. The easiest way to do this is to drive to the location and wait in your car, if you have one. However, if you must travel by public transport, please wear a mask (or at least some kind of face covering) and do your best to maintain 2 metres (about 6 feet) social distancing from other people.

Even though the government is gradually relaxing the lockdown, we have to bear in mind that Covid-19 is still out there and there isn't yet a vaccine, so please stay safe!

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Ready to book? Time to fill in the triage form

If you're ready to book, you can head over to Hearing First and fill in the triage form here. Don't forget that discount code! (To save you scrolling back it's 5offnew).