Microsuction London 5 Star Reviews And Ratings On Google And Facebook

Microsuction Reviews

Microsuction London 5 Star Reviews And Ratings On Google And Facebook
Microsuction 5 Star Reviews And Ratings On Google And Facebook

Microsuction Reviews

Below are some reviews written by our private ear wax removal clients. You can also see Google reviews of our microsuction earwax removal service to the right. These reviews are for all of our private ear wax removal clinics in Central London NW1, East Finchley, North London N2, Mill Hill, North London NW7, Golders Green, North London NW11, Edgware, North London NW7, Enfield, North London EN1, Barnet, North London EN5, Pinner, North West London HA5, Ealing, West London W5, and Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. However, clients come from all over London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire because of our 5 star reputation.


Micro suction Ear Wax Removal Clinic inside In Cootes Pharmacy

Having suffered for too long with my ears I went today and had the suction treatment on both ears. Mary was brilliant. Would highly recommend. I can hear again!


I Can Hear Again! :)

ear wax removal London W5 - our microsuction ear wax removal clinic in Ealing W5 provides same day ear wax removal using the safe and effective microsuction method. All of our microsuction ear wax removal practitioners are highly trained, certified professionals registered with either the HCPC or the NMC.

Having a fresh tragus piercing meant that I was unable to clean my ears in the usual way, this accompanied by the stress of the healing process and the constant cleaning of my piercing meant that my ear produced a lot more excess earwax to the point where I was so blocked up in my left ear that I was unable to hear. My GP was unable to offer me an appointment until two weeks later, by which point this caused me additional stress and frustration, I knew I just had to take matters into my own hands so that I could hear again. From a quick local Google search, I came across Jason Levy and the ear wax micro suction removal network at his clinic in Ealing. I was able to get an appointment the following day and I jumped at the chance, I’m so glad I did.

On arrival, I was 10 minutes early and Jason was just stepping out on a coffee break. I recognised him from the video on their website and said that I was there for my appointment, I didn’t mind waiting as I knew I was early, but Jason kindly said he’s happy to sort my ears out before he went on his break. The procedure was amazing! Jason made me feel at ease the whole time and even told me his experience with piercings! Once my left clogged up ear was resolved, Jason then offered to look into my right one and found that I had more wax build up, so he unclogged it for me also. The whole procedure took about 20-25 mins and I am extremely pleased with the results! I told Jason that I hoped that I won’t need to come back again too soon, but if I did, I would definitely come back to him. I cannot recommend him highly enough. His professionalism, experience and sheer passion for the job was inspiring! AND he does everything electronically which is major plus points from me! Super happy I can hear again.

Jenn Sang

Micro Suction In The London Suburbs

microsuction clinic in pinner - looking for where to get ear wax removal in pinner?

Jason Levy carried out the procedure this morning in Pinner Middx. Jason was so professional and spent a good deal of time asking medical questions then explaining the procedure in great detail. He had a calm and professional manner which meant I had no fear or anxiety. The procedure was straightforward and without pain. Suffice to say I would have no hesitation in recommending Jason Levy

Peter Neill

Music to my ears !

I had read about this ear clinic recently so when my ear became blocked and not wanting to have to wait an eternity to get an appointment with my GP I contacted Jason’s clinic and was lucky enough to get a same day appointment as he’s not based in Ealing everyday as he has other clinics elsewhere. He explained the whole procedure and all I can say is AMAZING. Within no time my ear was unblocked …. instant relief and a completely painless procedure. I would NEVER go back to syringing. Microsuction is far more efficient and really does the job. I cannot recommend him highly enough and would not hesitate to return to him in the future . He’s a true professional and knows his stuff. Thank you Jason for performing your magic and allowing me to hear properly again.

Natasha C

Hearing Improvement


I visited the Microsuction earwax removal centre in Welwyn Garden City earlier today and was treated by Mary, a very kindly and patient young lady.

I found the procedure not unpleasant, although a little noisy, and have noticed an improvement in my hearing following my visit. I shall definitely use this service again when the need arises, and can recommend this facility.



Relief at last !

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal (From £50) In Rickmansworth Herts WD3 At Riverside Pharmacy

When my ears were syringed about 12 months ago it was necessisary for highest pressure setting to be used.
I don’t believe that the process succeeded in removing all of the buildup.

The swiftly obtained appointment with Jason at Rickmansworth put things right. I was shocked to see the amount removed and ease with which it was done.
While these old ears will never be young again, my hearing is vastly and sufficiently improved.
Thank you Jason.

Gareth Fidler

Absolutely brilliant

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal In London At Berkeley Court Pharmacy Marylebone London NW1 Just A One Minute Walk Brom Baker Street Station

They don’t syringe your ears at the GP anymore, they refer you to the hospital. It can take weeks, and minutes feel like a lifetime when your ear is full of wax, like mine was last week. In complete panic I rang this company, and they had me an appointment booked in TWO hours!!! I went to Baker Street and they were brilliant, well worth spending the money it’s the worst feeling in the world not being able to hear anything. Breda just got it done and she was really sweet. Highly recommended!


Efficient Effective Ear Wax Removal Service In Golders Green

Private Ear Wax Removal Microsuction Clinic inside 999 Medical , Finchley Road, Golders Green, North London NW11 - just eight minutes' walk from Golders Green station.

I saw Jason at the 999 health centre at Finchley Road. He explained the procedure very clearly, and the whole thing only took a few minutes. It immediately cleared the problems I’d had with my ears since swimming during our summer holiday, and I was very pleased with the results.


Ear Wax Removal In North London Review

Micro suction Ear Wax Removal Clinic inside In Cootes Pharmacy

Jason at East Finchley was very efficient and did a very good job. Relieved my discomfort.

Elaine Tobin

Earwax Removal In Hertfordshire

MicroSuction EarWax Removal Clinic In Welwyn Garden City, Herts within Natural Health, near to John Lewis

Initially contacted my GP who told me to use olive oil for 7 days and then ring for an appointment. By this time I was completely deaf in one ear and not much better in the other and feeling terrible. Upon ringing the GP to make an appointment I was told they no longer did ear irrigation as from that day!!!!! Got in contact with the Welwyn Garden City clinic where I was seen by Jason Levy. Nothing was too much trouble and Jason explained the procedure in detail. Microsuction is so much better then ear irrigation, painless and efficient and I would definitely go there again.
Highly recommend.

Jackie S