Do you need to soften ear wax before Microsuction?

Do you need to soften ear wax before Microsuction? If you have confirmed soft ear wax, then you do not need to soften it as it is already soft. Also, if you have a perforated ear drum that has not healed, then you should not use ear drops before a microsuction procedure. In every other … Read more

Is Microsuction ear cleaning safe?

It is widely accepted that microsuction is the safest method to clean the ear, around 100 times safer than syringing or irrigation … A stereoscopic microscope is used to magnify and light up the ear, giving our practitioners a 3D view, making it easier to assess and treat your ear wax blockage. A medical suction … Read more

What if there's no ear wax?

The majority of people who book an appointment with us have already been to see their GP or Practice Nurse and have a confirmed ear wax blockage. We are happy to see patients who self-refer who feel that their ear is blocked. If there turns out to be no wax, we are in a very … Read more